Tuesday, December 15, 2009

While They Sleep Everythings Peaceful!!!But when they wake up, it is a totally different atmosphere!
This is just one of Ethan's Plan to get on James NerVes.....

Evanie Gives James a Tip but Then Refuses to Tell All!

And this is when James kicks Tracie's butt cuz I let him do it! ( More like helped him) hehe


  1. Snake Attack! That looks like a lot of fun to be playing and wrastlin around with the kids, wish I was their.

  2. Hello!!! So fun to see your blog. Your family is darling. So cute. Snakes creep me out! You sure have a funny little boy. So good to see how your family is doing. We miss the ward. Tell everyone hello for us!

  3. Hahaha oh man thats freakin hilarious!! You need to update your blog so i can see you.. or better yet come down to Utah and i can see you in person! love you:)